Our Offers

Below you will find the boring small print for our current offers. It isn’t long so please do read through this to ensure you’re absolutely happy with the service you’re going to receive 🙂

SEO 3 Month & 6 Month Offer

To redeem a 3 month or 6 month offer, simply return your voucher to us via post/arranged pickup

Both the 3 month and 6 month offers will commence one week after receipt of a voucher. This is to allow us time to receive your website details and for us to discuss your desired keywords/phrases.

Peak Design’s search engine optimisation services include both on page and off page optimisation work. Peak Design will require FTP and server access to your website to implement on page SEO changes.

Some of our work will involve 3rd party websites if necessary (such as local directories we feel might benefit your website). While most links remain live for years, due to factors beyond our control on 3rd party websites we can only guarantee links will remain live for 3 months.

Peak Design may provide an estimated time frame for ranking in search results; Such an estimate is only a best guess from past experiences and may not accurately reflect the actual amount of time to acheive higher rankings due to factors beyond our control such as website age, website content, search engine algorithm changes, and other factors.

Peak Design’s primary objective is to improve your company’s search engine rankings, however due to factors beyond our control and constant changes in search engine ranking algorithms we cannot guarantee that your website will increase in rankings.

Peak Design is not liable or responsible for any declines in search engine rankings, lost revenues, lost traffic, lost opportunities, or any other damages that may result from utilising our SEO services.

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