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We recently had Tunari, a fairly new IT company, approach us requesting an entire brand identity from logo, colours, font – the lot.

Of course we were happy to help. After initial discussions and finding out some interesting facts (for example, Tunari is actually a mountain range of the Bolivian Andes, who knew?), we got to work.

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The importance of an adaptable brand

There's one key aspect of branding we sometimes see forgotten and that's adaptability.

As Tunari did not have any existing branding we started from scratch with this key aspect in mind.

We focused on creating a simple but professional logo that could be used on a range of platforms effectively, such as printed material, clothing and overall web use (as seen by the two image examples).

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What did Peak Design do?

We worked in collaboration with Tunari to design several options basing the overall idea around the Tunari mountain range on paper.

What we ended up with was several ideas of which three were refined further in Illustrator with different font and colour variations.

We then turned our attention to testing. How would the brand stand out against possible competitors? Something we like to call 'The Table Test' in the office.

To our delight, the majority of our test participants 'beelined' to our favourite which we then forwarded on to Tunari, along with some subtle variations. The result? One happy client with an effective brand identity.

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