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How to Choose a Design Agency

This subject has came up a lot lately as we’ve been helping some local businesses recently so we thought we’d share our thoughts on the matter. In this article we look into what we believe clients should look for when thinking about getting their online presence up together.


This might sound obvious but you should make sure that you like a design agency’s previous work before contacting them. If you type ‘design agency’ into Google you will be met with a barrage of results so it’s time to start narrowing them down. Work through portfolio examples based on one simple idea; would you trust a company with this image?

If you choose your design agency based on ‘they look cheap’ then you will get a cheap looking brand.


Some design agencies specialise in one or two areas of business. For example, education or events. Although this requirement is rare, if you want a specialist to create your business branding then search for those agencies who have previous experience in your field.

Meet Up

A design relationship can be a long (and hopefully fruitful) one and your chosen design agency will be a long-term partner of your business. If you can find an agency who you can rely on and who knows your business well not only will this save you time but a lot of hassle.

Meeting with Coffee
Coffee, Pen, Paper – All important aspects of a meeting.

When you meet up, make sure they are on your wavelength and that you can get along with them.

If you are poles apart in terms of concepts or struggle to understand your business or ideas then they may not be the right agency for you.

Compare Quotes

It is important to approach a few agencies before settling on one. Present your design brief and request quotes for the outlined work. If a quote seems very high or unbelievably cheap then it should set alarm bells ringing.

Check the Contract

Every design agency will offer different terms of business. Check the contract to make sure that you are happy with items such as rights to designs, turnaround times and payment terms.


iPhone calling

It is always a good idea to check references for a design agency. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve contacting customers as you can always search review sites for previous customer feedback.

Don’t just take their testimonials on their website as reference, check out their social media presence and their interactions. Google and Facebook reviews can also be a great asset.

If you do request references directly then don’t just ask about the finished product but find out what they were like to work with as well and if they are still in contact.

Seal the Deal

A good design agency will be busy. Make sure you don’t miss out on your chosen agency by delaying your decision. Also, and from our experience, it is polite to contact unsuccessful agencies who may have put a quote together for you to let them know why they have not been successful in securing your business.

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