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Revisiting a client, Social Paws

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  • Published by David Pottrell

It’s always great to stay in touch with clients, at least to emphasise that we’re always around if they need us, we feel it’s important as part of an ongoing business relationship. After all, we love to get to know our clients during any project and hear success stories.

Social Paws is no different in this subject! We recently reached out to Helen, the owner of Social Paws, to find out how things were going, apparently things are going pretty great!

We approached Helen last year when we saw her post on a Facebook group asking for some advice regarding her WordPress website. Without any intention to market our services at the time, we offered some free advice and guidance and continued to do so (and still do for others) over several weeks. We’re still strong believers that anyone in our industry should never turn down an opportunity to point people in the right direction if they can. After all, sparing five minutes to answer some queries really is no hassle.

David offered a competitively priced package with ongoing support making the whole experience stress free.

It wasn’t long until Helen approached us regarding a rebuild of her existing website. Of course we were happy to oblige and from there on we discussed the project details and find out exactly what she wanted out of a website and how it could be achieved.

Helen was kind enough to share her thoughts;

A while back I was struggling to upload new content on my previous WordPress site. So I asked a few questions in the Local Business Network. David from Peak went out of his way to give me some helpful free advice and over the next months we built up a trustful business relationship.

His willingness to help without the hard sell really shone through. Through this relationship I decided I wanted a new website built – one which was more bespoke and simpler to update.

David offered a competitively priced package with ongoing support making the whole experience stress free. The website was completed efficiently but at the same time was of a high quality. It was to my exact requirements and went above and beyond also including SEO.

I went from 14th place on Google to 3rd for ‘”Dog walking in Cheltenham”. David has created a fresh, visually appeasing website that is easy to navigate and stands out from the crowd.

I personally would recommend him to all my friends – he is much more than a website designer as he offers ongoing support making my life easier and stress free. Thank you David, everytime I look at my website I feel so proud. It’s unique like my services and as one of my clients said brings out a personal touch.

All that’s really left to say is, the above quote from Helen is exactly why we’re in this industry. To help businesses, large and small, to succeed in what they’re doing.

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