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The Charity Skydive for CLIC Sargent

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  • Published by David Pottrell

I did it! Today was Peak Design’s charity skydive for CLIC Sargent and what an absolutely amazing experience it was! The weather was perfect, anxiety was on a whole new level and I hadn’t had my morning coffee. These points aside, I would happily do it again!

Below is just some of the snaps taken on the day!

Credit where credit is due, my instructor, Trevor, had me laughing right to the very end. The guys over at Netheravon were also kind enough to film the day which can be seen below as well.

Oh and you may have noticed the video focuses on an older woman at the start and end, that’ll be my mum, who jokingly mentioned she would like to do a skydive someday. Cue spontaneous sign up and jump on the day! We’re all shocked and amazed!

As Peak Design, we’re not stopping here though, we’ve got some other great charity challenges already planned for next year! 😀

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