A website project with everything

Helen from Social Paws Cheltenham (a previous web project) certainly knows her stuff when it comes to her industry, so we were all ears when she got in touch to discuss an exciting new website idea of hers to bring international pet professionals together.

Functionality and features for visitors and admins

This particular project wasn’t just some brochure website with great intentions. Pet Professional Network (PPN) has been developed using a custom and flexible WordPress system, providing users the ability to browse libraries of unique resources and make use of valuable assets published by the PPN team.

Administrating users are able to log into the website and easily create engaging and varied content for its users. The site has ultimately been developed to be able to grow and evolve with the business, adapting to the content that it’s provided to serve to its users.

Client: Helen Motteram
Industry: Business Network
URL: https://www.petpronetwork.com/
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Bespoke website design and development brought to life

The PPN website is full of fantastic features and functionality for visitors and members to use:

  • An adaptive, built from the ground up, WordPress build
  • Questionnaire entry form
  • Stripe payment form
  • Subscription script
  • Stripe charge script
  • Member registration form
  • Members directory
  • Member-only dashboard
  • Member-only resources
  • Member-only assets
  • Full responsive design and development
  • Honestly - the list goes on...