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Branding: how to define your business

Coca Cola, Apple, and Cadbury: what do all these brands have in common? These three companies are united by their consistent and effective use of branding.

Pinterest for business

Our Top 7 Tips for Engagement on Social Media

We all know the importance of staying active on social media. However, it can be hard to see the benefits when you're not receiving any engagement. What are you doing wrong?

Competitors, phone, social media

Frenemies: dealing with competitors online

'Friends', 'Likes', 'Follows' - it's hard to measure whether the people on your social media accounts are friends or foe.

The Charity Skydive for CLIC Sargent

I did it! Today was Peak Design's charity skydive for CLIC Sargent and what an absolutely amazing experience it was!

Web Design Showcase September 2016

Good design should be shared so we’ve put together a list of some of the websites we’ve came across this month for you to appreciate.

How to become a Web Developer or Graphic Designer

Interested in becoming a graphic designer or front end web developer? In this blog post we delve into how you can make a start in either industry and stand out.

How to Write a Successful Blog for Your Small Business

Google is looking for fresh, relevant and popular content above all other ranking factors for websites so how exactly can you create a successful blog for your small business?

Web Design Showcase August 2016

Good design should be shared so we've put together a list of some of the websites we've came across this month for you to appreciate.

Google talks mobile updates and “interstitials”

With the latest Webmaster Central Blog article Google have announced the removal of the mobile-friendly label in an attempt at simplifying mobile search results.

What Makes a Good Website?

Making websites is what we do every day. To be successful at what we do means that we must think about what makes a good website.