The beginning, the backstory, the origin story

Where do we start with Windmill Leisure? They’ve been a client for years now and we’ve had the privilege of working with them on several projects. Starting years ago, we built their initial website based on designs Ross had created (Yoto Creative’s graphic designer). The initial website was built on MODX and was perfect for the requirements at the time.

The new development to WordPress

Skip ahead to the present and Windmill Leisure are still using the same amazing design (a testament to a future proof design – good job Ross!). Over the years however, Windmill Leisure have grown and so have the requirements of the website. Such requirements includes the ability for users to purchase membership and gift cards as well as a recurring and one off events.

Client: Windmill Leisure
Industry: Entertainment
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WordPress, Stripe, SEO, Photography - All of the knowledge and skill sets!

The end result of the Windmill Leisure project was a clean and optimised WordPress website that enables administrating staff to update content on a regular basis. Not only that but the website also utilises the fantastic Stripe API via the bespoke membership and gift card purchasing forms.

Mixed in with the project was some content optimisation to aid SEO and some photos to help with digital marketing and general purpose work.