Setting up for the website to grow

It’s always a great experience to set up a brand new website for someone who has never had a website before. The Loubee Blooms website was made with the client, Louise, in mind. We wanted to make sure the design could reflect who  Louise is whilst ensuring it had capabilities to grow with her business. This meant ensuring the WordPress back end was streamlined and that the bespoke order form did as much of the work as possible.

Client: Louise Waters
Industry: Floristry
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WordPress, Stripe, oh you clever website...

The website design took a minimalist and functional approach, but don't be fooled, this website is packing a clever punch! Using custom fields and taxonomies, Louise is able to add and remove services and gallery items as/when the business grows with a few simple clicks within minutes.

Using the Stripe API also means all the order information, including payment, is processed securely for both the customer and client.