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Basic Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

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  • Published by David Pottrell

Do you have a small business but don’t have a clue about social media?

Perhaps you use social media on a personal level, but are unsure about using it successfully for business?

You might feel like you’re stepping into the unknown and opening yourself up to a lot more work, when you already have a tonne of business commitments?

You’re definitely not alone. But, if you can get over these hurdles you could increase your brand awareness, enhance your reputation, improve your customer service and maximise your profits.


If you use social media you’ll have contact with lots of people (customers and potential customers) at your finger tips with your customers becoming advocates helping to do part of your marketing for you.

Social media is not going to go away and if you want to use it to your advantage and keep up with and possibly over take your competitors you’re better off facing up to it, now.

As we discussed in our previous blog, you don’t need to be on every single platform out there — you need to break social media down and make it manageable.

Below are the top five basics for social media success:

1. Make a plan 

A digital marketing plan is the first thing I normally help my clients with — if you map out where you are going with your digital marketing and what you will be doing every week, it will feel less like a last minute panic to fill up your social media channels. With a plan you are much more likely to be consistent with your posts — social media platforms need to be exercised regularly, like a muscle.

2. Show your personality 

Be human and authentic — use your own voice as if you were talking to your friends — stay professional, but try to avoid sounding too corporate, pushy or cold. People naturally want to engage and interact with other people, not a faceless business or an annoying salesperson. Build trust and you’ll really start to build an online community.

3. Share photos and video content

When it comes to online — people love visual things and are more likely to engage and share them. Photos and videos enrich messages — a link on its own with no teaser or preview won’t get clicked like a photo with a written description will.

4. Connect with people properly

Create targeted conversations and start off your own conversations by asking questions, or holding surveys and questionnaires. Listen to the conversations people are having on your online channels and be responsive — answer complaints quickly before they have the chance to build up into something damaging. A potential customer could come across this post so be transparent and honest and professional at all times — show off your great customer service and fast response times.

5. Don’t just post stuff for the sake of it

If in doubt, keep things short, snappy and sweet and try to remain professional by understanding best online practice — check your spelling, credit your sources and always practice good customer service.

If you can’t keep up with your social media requirements, or feel as though you are in need of some professional assistance for your digital marketing, then give us a call at Not Greedy Media on: 07912297080, or email: hello@notgreedy.media.