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Our Charity Skydive

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  • Published by David Pottrell

It seems that our sister company, Nebula IT, are in a giving mood this year and are fixed on doing something for charity during 2016. Of course we can’t let them have all of the fun so Peak Design are in!

…Instant regret, at least for our developer.

It seems the only thing we can think of to ‘one up them’ is to go above them, quite literally with a skydive!

The charity

clicOur chosen charity this year will be CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent are a fantastic charity that provides vital emotional, practical and financial support to young cancer patients and families during and after treatment.

Why a Skydive?!

Now those of you who know our beloved developer David, may know that he is indeed petrified of heights. Cue endless hilariousness right there! We’re sending our best developer, thousands of feet in the air, without WiFi!

“The closest I’ve ever got to skydiving is zooming in on Google Earth really really fast and I was completely content with that…”

I guess we could label it as character building – but we’re an honest bunch.

So if you’d like to sponsor a developer to fall out of a plane, please do either get in touch or by using the handy widget on this blog post. We want to raise as much money for this amazing charity.

When is it?

We’re aiming for the first week of October, weather permitting, to coincide with Nebula IT’s Cardiff Half Marathon.

We’d also like to thank anyone who does help us raise money for this special charity with a follow up blog post after the skydive.

If you’re happy to have your name displayed on a blog post then please do include it on the Just Giving page or let us know.

Thank you