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The Importance of Multimedia Content for Social Media

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  • Published by David Pottrell

Social media has become a part of our daily routine. Get up, shower, have breakfast, then have a little scroll through your various feeds before work. Sound familiar?

However, with so many channels and so much to ‘go through’, it’s sometimes hard to make your content stand out.

Ask yourself, what makes me stop scrolling?

Is it a funny animal video, or that quote that really hits home? No matter what makes you sit up and pay attention, it’s rarely a bland, purely text-based post telling you that you need to eat more lemons. The point is, we are visual beings. If you are posting content regularly that is neither image, video or even link based, no wonder your engagement is a little lacking.

Just remember what makes you want to engage will make others want to engage too, so try to apply that to your business, albeit in a professional form. The more multimedia content for social media that you can create, the more likely you are to keep your audience interested.

Is it the same for all channels?

It’s important to always try and make every post as visual as possible, even if that is just from a link you have included and the image that comes with the post. The platform that you can really go to town on with visual content is Facebook.

Facebook loves multiple pictures and videos, and because of this they are more likely to push video-content up the news feed. This promotes a better audience reach while encouraging engagement. From comedy GIFs to authentic images you may have taken on the weekend, you can really play around on Facebook and find unique and fun content to make your page more exciting. Creating multimedia content for social media also applies to Twitter. You can make room for punchier content, so shorter videos and images work great here.

But won’t using humorous posts make my business less professional?

Come across professional in your spelling, grammar, and tone of voice and try to remain unbiased without exerting your personal opinions that could upset customers of different beliefs. Remember to make your posts relevant to your business, or at least to your industry sector, but try to also include personality.

Of course a cat giving ‘evils’ to a dog is not as appropriate on your business-focussed Linkedin page, but usually sharing light-hearted, amusing content will be well-received by your audience. In turn, this is more likely to promote comments and shares.

Having multimedia content for social media is vital for boosting engagement
Learn how important multimedia content for social media is

Am I allowed to use any content I find on the web?

Often there are copyright rules attached to images and videos you find on Google. There are certain sites, such as Pixabay and Giphy which let you use their imagery and video links for free, but always make sure you find out who created the image in case they require crediting. We’ve also covered free image resources over on another article, Just Another Free Stock Photo Resource List.

If you can take or create your own content, that removes all licensing issues and gives you lots of room to get creative, enabling you to showcase your brand in a unique way.

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