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Users on mobile devices

A new look for Google Search with Favicons

You may have recently noticed a subtle change on Google on your mobile recently – things are looking a little more modern! The unveiled subtle visual refresh Google have always promoted their search results...

Google Reviews

Create a ‘Google Reviews Quick Link’ for your customers

Nowadays everyone’s website is performing pretty well on Google and hey, if it isn’t, feel free to get in touch and we’ll try to help out. 😊 Web agencies like ourselves are always trying...

July’s Google Chrome 68 SSL insecure status

This month (July) brings an important update to Google’s browser, all websites that don’t have an active SSL certificate will be marked as “insecure”. This of course can be resolved easily by adding a...

Getting on board with social media for your business

The Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social media can be regarded as too unprofessional and time-consuming for business use, and is regularly ignored as a result.

Google talks mobile updates and “interstitials”

With the latest Webmaster Central Blog article Google have announced the removal of the mobile-friendly label in an attempt at simplifying mobile search results.

Search Engine Optimisation via Google Analytics

Improve your Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is quickly becoming increasingly important for businesses and developers alike. This blog post is aimed at users who are interested in the basic improvements.